TIMBERLINE LODGE, Ore. -- A climber on Mt. Hood became lost in a whiteout Tuesday afternoon, and Portland Mountain Rescue was responding to the report.

A 30-year-old Portland man called on a cell phone around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday to say he was descending from the summit of Mt. Hood and had become lost in whiteout conditions.

He told searchers he was uninjured.

The climber said he was prepared for the elements and had enough clothing, food and water for a few days.

Search crews were on their way to an area below the Hogsback on the south side climbing route. They planned to focus on an area at around the 9600 foot elevation level known as the Triangle Morraine.

The summit of Mt. Hood is at 11,239 feet and Timberline Lodge is situated at just above 6000 feet.

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