SPOKANE -- A new contract with the Firefighters Union has the City of Spokane looking to make up a $1 million dollars in its budget.

Spokane Fire Chief Bobby Williams suggests taking Fire Engine 9 out of service. The engine serves the Manito neighborhood on Spokane s South Hill. Rescue Number 1, a two-person medic response team, would then relocate from downtown to the newly vacant Station 9.

Carolyn Longanecker, lives in the affected area and was severely burned in a house fire. She sustained burns over 70-percent of her body in a matter of seconds, and said she does not support any move that could increase fire response times.

It s a crazy idea, Longanecker said.

Spokane Communications Director Marlene Feist assured if Fire Engine 9 is taken out of service, the City would still achieve its fire response time goal which is eight minutes and 30 seconds 90% of the time.

Feist said about 80% of the 911 calls to Spokane s fire stations are medical calls.

Spokane City Council members will discuss the Chief s proposal at their meeting Monday night, at which Longanecker plan to speak.

Twelve firefighting positions would be lost if the City Council okays the plan.

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