PORTLAND -- Portland Mayor Sam Adams met with his newly elected successor Charlie Hales Wednesday at City Hall.

Hales won with a decisive 62-percent of the vote, compared to 30-percent for Jefferson Smith.

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Mayor Adams and Hales talked about the transition process and the city budget in their meeting Wednesday.

Hales said he has many priorities which he plans to focus on right out of the gate.

The combination of difficult financial times and a legislative session that's about to begin where we have so much at stake, that affects school funding and the CRC and other big issues, Hales explained.

Hales will be sworn into office in January.

Meantime, Adams said he was relieved to see that Portlanders voted on election night in support of building safer schools, supporting libraries, and putting arts teachers in Portland elementary schools.

He added that there are still 55 days left in his term and much to get done in that time, to complete his own agenda.

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