A group of dangerous inmates rioted in the maximum security unit at the Whatcom County Jail on Wednesday, police said.

The six inmates dismantled the ventilation system and used metal components to shatter windows, and damage walls and phones.

They also pried locks from cell doors, flooded toilets, and failed to comply with orders from deputies.

The riot was contained to the second floor jail housing unit and the rioters were unable to escape.

Within an hour, an emergency response team brought the situation under control.

Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo said the deteriorating jail facility was a factor in the riot.

The inmates were able to pry metal parts from the crumbling concrete walls and use these parts as weapons to arm themselves and inflict significant damage, Elfo said.

The participating inmates have been identified as Phillip M. Krist, Ananda S. Eichhorn, Gavin J. Haggith, Sergey P. Zhuk, Christopher J. Baker, and Dustin C. White.

All six are being held on felony charges including burglary, assault, and kidnapping.

Sheriff's investigators are also gathering evidence for the charge of prison riot.

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