A grumpy Seattle cat is giving cutie pie Boo the pomeranian a run for his money. Colonel Meow has become a Facebook sensation, even though some are calling him the world's angriest cat.

Colonel Meow's Facebook page was launched by mom Anne Marie Avey on Aug. 9. By Aug. 30 he had 100 fans and as of Oct. 6 the kitty had more than 34,000 fans and the number was rising by about 1,000 likes a day.

Anne Marie says she's having a lot of fun with Colonel's Facebook page and is amazed by the rising numbers.

It s surreal, it makes me more motivated to do more ... it's just so much fun, she says.

Colonel Meow - who refers to everyone, including dog brother Boots, as minions - is a giant fluffball with a perpetually angry face.

He plots world domination while veering off into goofy territory:

I had a kitty dream that I was snuggies with Paul Rudd. I'm a man cat that likes being held. #nojudgement, he writes.

He enjoys treaties and scotch, loves the Ellen DeGeneres Show, but hates Twilight, and has plans for world domination.

Soon I will be big enough to carry MASTER around. That is when I will make my move for world domination... and be able to get my own treaties out of the cupboard, he says.

Anne Marie says Colonel was found abandoned by the side of the road and taken in by the Himalayan and Persian Society. He's likely a mix, not a purebred.

She says she started the Facebook page because Colonel is such a character.

I would roll out of bed and look at Colonel and he would just be staring at me and I'd just start laughing, she said. He had all these types of faces and positions he would get into and I just had to share it.

She says when people learned that her cat has a Facebook page they weren t very interested at first.

But I would say no, you don't understand, he's different. He's unique; you just have to see .... people would say oh weird. I don't like cats but that cat is cool.

And she says Colonel's fur is natural - she doesn't do anything to make it look crazy.

I don't do anything. I don't put any product in there, she said.

Anne Marie says Colonel is a calm kitty. He walks on a leash and she can even carry him in a Baby Bjorn.

He's really easygoing and chill, she says.

She says her boyfriend has been helping her with the Facebook page as it continues to grow. They are planning to make Colonel Meow t-shirts for the minions.

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