BOISE -- CenturyLink and a worker's union have reached a temporary agreement that will allow for a day-to-day extension of employees' existing contract.

The deadline for a deal was 11:59 Saturday night; otherwise some Idaho workers were planning to strike.

About 60 Idaho Communication Workers of America members gathered at their union post in Meridian Saturday night to wait for news of a deal.

CenturyLink announced a day-by-day extension of their existing labor contracts, during which, negotiations will continue and workers will remain on the job.

The employees include customer service agents, network technicians and Internet support workers.

Sunday, a spokesperson for CenturyLink said the goal is to avoid interrupting service to customers.

CenturyLink remains committed to serving our customers and to customer service, said Mark Moltzen. We are going to continue to negotiate between all parties that are involved.

Those with the CWA have said they want to keep their current deal the same, moving forward.

We're just trying to make sure that at the end of the day we end up with good wages and good health care, said CWA vice president Mike Frost.

The negotiations affect roughly 13 thousand workers.

Talks are expected to occur daily until a deal is reached.

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