BOISE -- Boise State University is working on a new experiment that is meant to help us all beat the heat. We all have clothing that is meant to keep us warm during the winter, but what a team at BSU is doing will hopefully keep us cool during the summer.

What's crazy about this is that the experiment and work is happening in a laboratory that not too long ago was a storage closet. Now, people from all over the world are using what a professor at Boise State created.

You don't need a lot of room to make a global laboratory. Case and point, room 201A at the Health Sciences Riverside Building at Boise State University.

We would want to develop a garment that reduces heat buildup and blocks as much environmental heat as possible. And we can measure that through this system, said Dr. Uwe Reischl, a Health and Sciences professor at Boise State.

Dr. Reischl heads up this project for BSU. Right now, he and others are creating and testing clothing for agricultural workers trying to brave the summer heat. What's happening inside this old closet has others from around the world wanting to take part.

This is a novel system we've developed over the last four years, said Reischl.

Using new technology created by, anyone, anywhere in the world can take advantage of this laboratory at Boise State University as though they were here themselves.

It just takes collaboration to the next level, to physically interactive collaboration, said Scott Harris who is the owner of

His company made this experiment available to nearly 2,400 people just this month, in countries like Germany, Russia, Brazil and the Netherlands.

What we do is, we allow anyone in the world to take part in that research, said Harris.

That's what brought 2nd year graduate student Qazaleh Bahramian from UC Davis to Boise.

What's good about this is I didn't have to travel here to find out my garments has a mistake. I could just find it out in five minutes and having it sent back to me and fix my mistakes, said Bahramian.

Reischl says the partnership of his novel experiment with one of a kind technology is making things possible that otherwise wouldn't be.

We're in the forefront of global education. We're in the forefront of global research collaboration, and I think this is the first step, said Reischl.

Right now, Boise State is working closely with UC Davis, as well as a University in Croatia on getting this experiment and clothing to the market.

By clicking a button you can instantaneously inflate the mannequin, or turn on the heat lamps, or the fans. You can also move the camera around - zoom in and out.

All of this so someone can conduct the experiment from your laptop in your bedroom - or in a rural village in South America.

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