POSTFALLS, Idaho-- An Afghan boy who lost his leg in an IED explosion a few years ago was brought to North Idaho for medical care.

Rahim, 11, is getting better and stronger every day.

His life drastically changed when he stepped on a land-mine back in Afghanistan about 3 years ago. The blast killed his cousin and severed his left leg.

Last month Rahim got fitted for a new prosthetic leg. Thursday Rahim got a new all-terrain model.

Prosthetic specialist bob miller has made quite a bond with Rahim. He's even making plans to go work in Afghanistan soon.

Rahim's progress goes beyond a new leg. He is also having scar tissue removed, and his eardrum fixed.

Solace for the Children provides medical care for kids in war torn countries.

Jill Ledford is a volunteer for them and Rahim's host mom. he has been able to understand what hope is and have that restored, not other physically but in so many areas, said Ledford.

Rahim is the first kid to come to our area for solace for the children.

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