A man working on the demolition of a University of Washington dorm was hurt Saturday when a concrete slab fell on the excavator he was operating.

The 20-by-30 foot slab of concrete fell six stories and crushed the cab of an excavator with a man inside.

Within 4 minutes firefighters were on site. They could hear the man moaning, but reaching him was a tough task

After more than hour of carefully cutting into the cab, firefighters did get him out. He was alive but badly hurt. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center in critical condtion.

This is one of the most difficult rescues because those cranes are built of such strong steel, that they're built to withstand impact, well it withstood the impact and crushed, and it's harder to get through that steel and get to the individual, said Kyle Moore, Seattle Fire Dept.

The man has been working in construction for decades.

In our industry, it is a very small industry, there's family, friends, and people who have worked together for years and years, so this is really really hard on us and the group, said John Gibson, with Walsh Construction.

The old Lander Hall is being demolished to make way for a new building.

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