The sluggish economy has pushed more stay at home moms back into the workforce, as families struggle to make ends meet. Many face the challenge of finding work, after years of caring for kids at home. Where do you start? One of the best resources is other moms who've been there. So, be sure to network with moms in and outside of your circle.
Life Coach Kathi Masari suggests you weigh your skills and your interests. Consider how many people you want to work with. How much money do you need? And what will it cost you to work?
Perhaps you can start by volunteering in a position that will resurrect your work habits, and help you with time management.
And if you ve been out of the workforce for quite awhile, rework your resume, says Career Counselor Stacey Lane. Be very clear about what you managed, the budget, if you did volunteer management what did that look like? Did you take a project that was really in disarray? Did you come in late in the game and have to turn it around? Lane adds, don t include your college graduation date on your resume. Fold volunteer work into professional experience. And don t go back more than fifteen years into your work history.
Happy job hunting!

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