NEWPORT, Ore. A sea otter pup rescued in Monterey Bay after a shark ate its mother has a new home at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

The other resident sea otters took turns playing, rolling through the water and asserting dominance over the new pup, officials said Tuesday.

The pup was about 24 pounds when he arrived earlier this year and now weighs 30 pounds at approximately 8-months old. It was treated for injuries from a possible shark and parasites.

The public was invited to vote on names at the aquarium's Facebook page.

The choices: Filbert, Monte, Barley or Schuster.

He s one that would not have made it out in the wild and I d like to thank everyone who made his transport here possible. Aquarium Curator of Mammals Ken Lytwyn said. He has a very outgoing personality which we see coming out more every day. He enjoys interacting with the mammal staff and playing with his enrichment devices (toys) that we give him.

Sea otters are an endangered species and aquariums cannot take animals from the wild, unless it's a rescue.

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