BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Looking to take one of those quick, cheap flights from Bellingham to Las Vegas or Palm Springs? If you're taking a carry-on bag, it's going to cost you an extra $35.

The airline's new carry-on luggage fee will be in place by Wednesday.

According to, the bag fee will go live on the airline's website at midnight Tuesday. Spokesperson Jessica Wheeler said passengers will be allowed one free personal item, such as a purse or briefcase, but anything larger will incur a fee.

The airline already charges to check a bag, but some passengers feel like they are getting nickel and dimed.

It's outrageous, says Beth Kealy, one passenger flying to Palm Springs from Bellingham. It's like they are trying to milk us any way they can.

Allegiant won't be the first airline to charge passengers for their carry-on bags. Sprit Airlines announced in 2010 that it would start charging $45 per carry on.

Steve Danishek, operator of TMA Travel and an air travel expert, does not expect major airlines to follow Allegiant and Spirit's path.

Danishek books lots of group travel and has recently found when booking on United Airlines, following the merger with Continental in recent weeks, fees per ticket sometimes reach $196.

Passengers who've already booked their tickets on Allegiant will not be affected by the new fee. If you book online, Allegiant says the carry-on fee will be discounted, but that discount has yet to be determined.

On its website, Allegiant indicates it charges $35 for the first two checked bags and $50 for the third, although passengers can get a discount if they prepay.

KING 5's GlennFarley and Jake Whittenberg contributed to this report.

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