BOISE The Ada County sheriff says its own website is being used to extort money from people who have been arrested.

Since 2003, the Ada County Sheriff s Office has been posting daily mugshots of those arrested on their website. But, Sheriff Gary Raney says recently third party websites have been scraping the mugshot and names of those on their website and then placing the information on their own website.

Scraping websites, like, has thousands of mugshots of those arrested since early 2011. The photos on Ada County s website are deleted after five days. provides a link to another site that removes the information from the Internet for $99.

It's really a form of extortion, said Raney. This is something that really goes against the fundamentals of what I sense we should be putting that mugshot out there for.

Raney says he is now considering taking down the website to protect those who have been arrested.

There's really an injustice that happens to people, said Raney.

Raney is also looking into increasing the security on the site to prevent other sites from taking information.

KTVB contacted someone at via email.

The person, who referred to himself as Mugshot Barry, responded saying they take down any mugshot when asked. Barry says it may take up to 24 hours for the mugshot to be taken down and that money doesn t necessarily need to be paid to have the information removed.

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