A new study shows most school libraries in Oregon don't make the grade.

The study, released late Monday, said only ten school libraries in Oregon met State quality standards. The other 1,308 schools did not measure up.

State Librarian Jim Scheppke said this report is very disappointing, but not surprising.

He said it's part of a long term practice of disinvestment in school libraries that began in Oregon decades ago.

Each year the state tracks spending and staffing at school libraries. To meet standards a school must have a least a half-time certified teacher-librarian, and must spend at least $26 per students on library books. Scheppke says only nine elementary school libraries and one middle school library met the criteria.

Fir Grove Elementary in the Beaverton School District was the only school in the Portland Metropolitan area to make the list.

Longtime Fir Grove Elementary Librarian credits parent fund raising, school district support and federal dollars.

The school principal scratched together the money to buy books.

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