LEWISTON, ID -- An intense fire torched 16 cars at an apartment complex in Lewiston, Idaho late Saturday night.

According to Lewiston Fire and Police, theyresponded to a call atthe Garden City Apartment complex on 1st Avenue. When they arrived, they found several vehicles and a parking structure engulfed in flames.

Witnesses said it did not take long for the fire to consume the vehicles. One man said he smelled smoke, ran outside and saw two cars on fire. He jumped in his car and tried to move it. Then heheard what appeared to be gas tanks exploding. He jumped out to help alert and evacuate neighbors.

Firefighters said their first priority was to prevent the flames from spreading to the apartment buildings. Investigators are now taking a close look at one of the vehicles as a possible cause of starting the fire.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Lewiston Police Department (208) 746-0171.

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