BOISE -- A young Boise woman says she was shocked when on Tuesday morning she looked out her window to see a peeping Tom on her neighbor's roof. And that wasn't the only peeping Tom incident in that northwest Boise neighborhood.

It just caught me off-guard, I was really shocked, said Melissa Harmon. I was getting ready for work in the bathroom, and I see out of the corner of my eye, a guy on the roof. He gets just onto the ledge there and he kind of crouches down, and he's looking just straight into my bathroom window. I kind of looked at him for a minute and I make eye contact. Then I closed the bathroom curtain so he couldn't see me anymore. Then I went and got my parents, and they got up. My mom actually went to the next bedroom over and she could see him. She saw him jump off the roof, run through the yard, and hop the fence into the back apartments back there.

Asresidents on the quiet northwest Boise street began to talk, they realized just 30 minutes earlier a man was chased away from another neighbor's backyard. Neighborssay on Thursday morning two men on the sidewalk fled when they were spotted by police.

My parents have lived here almost 20 years, said Harmon. We've never really had anything weirdlike this happen before.

Now, the neighbors are left to take extra precautions and hope when they look out their windows there's not a stranger looking back.

It kind of creeps me out. We got a screen on the bathroom window, so it's harder to see in now, said Harmon. Just keep my eyes peeled because I got a pretty good look at his face, but it was only for a couple seconds. Hopefully they'll find him.

Neighbors said that they're just about a mile from three incidents that happened in the past few months where a man entered homes and touched women while they slept. But police aren't saying that those cases are related. Right now, they're just saying that this alleged peeping Tom incident is under investigation.

Police say you can protect yourself by reporting suspicious activity immediately, locking your doors and windows, and working with your neighborhood watch program, like these residents did.

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