Video: Best Buy backs out of $9.99 TV offer

Richard Helos is in the market for a new TV. He heard there was a smokin' deal online from Best Buy and that's where he found a Samsung 52 inch for $9.99.

"So seeing as my TV broke down two weeks ago and it's in the shop currently, I decided there is a God!" said Richard.

Richard even ordered delivery and his total bill came to $86.32. He got a confirmation number and it was a done deal. A few hours later that same day, Best Buy sent him an e-mail canceling his order, saying it was a pricing error.

"There goes my $1,700 TV for $9.99," said Richard.

I went to the Attorney General's Office and talked to Kristin Alexander, who says if a price online is totally unreasonable, don't expect to get away with the purchase. That should stop you from trying anyway.

Jesse Jones: "I guess I'm not going to get that TV for $9?"

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Kristin Alexander: "That's a great price. I wish you could."

Her advice: every time you log on to buy something, check out the terms and conditions. That's how merchants protect themselves in cases like this one. They can cancel the deal even after the sale has gone through.

"Hey, if we goof, we can rescind that offer and when you shop on our Web site, you agree to those terms and conditions," said Kristin.

Richard understands selling a $10 high definition TV isn't going to make Best Buy any money, but how they handled this mistake in his eyes couldn't have helped sales either.

"I understand their point of view. From a business point, it's a huge loss, but then again, from a P.R. point of view, it could be a huge loss," said Richard.

Remember that if you see something online and it's too good to be true, it probably is. A lot of online retailers have live help or are on social networks like Twitter. You could check with them first to make sure the price is accurate. As for Best Buy, they told customers they were sorry about what happened.

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