Video: Pastor Tony faces angry creditors in court

A Renton pastor, who owes millions of dollars to churches and people across the country, was in bankruptcy court Thursday afternoon facing angry creditors who want to know what happened to their money.

I asked: "Pastor Morris, where's everyone's money? Where's the money, Pastor Tony?"

But Pastor Tony Morris wasn't in the mood to answer questions from me. He had just spent the afternoon facing creditors, including former church members who are owed millions of dollars by the leader of Renton's New Covenant Christian Center.

"I just want him to know, he hurt me really bad and I want him to know it was important for me to fly here from California to be here today," said Brian Heflin in court.

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Heflin was one of the jilted investors who traveled a long way to face Morris. He had loaned the pastor $17,000 and was promised a 50 percent return in a week.

Morris admitted in court he sent Heflin a bad check to repay the loan.

"He couldn't answer quite a few of the questions and it just felt good to confront him. I'm sure he felt very uncomfortable," said Heflin.

In court Morris said repeatedly the reason many of his loans went bad was because deals with other investors fell through.

Larry Glosser represents one of the creditors.

"He always seemed to posture himself as some type of intermediary who was taking money from Peter to pay Paul," he said in court.

Former church member Kirk Russell has a court judgment against Morris and is owed more than $200,000.

"Some people think we loaned him money because he was a pastor. This guy signed contracts and he's not honoring it. It's not that he was our pastor, this was a business transaction. He's just not an honorable man," he said.

Also in attendance at the hearing was an attorney from the Department of Justice.

So Thursday night Morris headed home with more than money on his mind.

Inside the hearing, Pastor Morris promised to pay everybody back.

We hope to get more details on that in his next hearing in two weeks.

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