Video: Judgment doesn't guarantee payment

Just because you win a judgment doesn't mean the loser is going to pay, and no one knows that more than Claudette Henneman.

Claudette has spent most of her years in the skies - first as a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines for 30 years and then getting her commercial pilot's license.

"I wanted to sit for the rest of my life instead of walking 2700 miles up to Anchorage every day of my life," she said.

But for the past three years, this mother of two has been fighting one company: TLC Chemdry.

Claudette paid the company to clean her delicate Flocati rug and the results were not heavenly.

"It stained it and turned it black in areas and yellow in areas, and just ruined it," she said.

Claudette took the local franchise owner, Karl Benson, to Small Claims Court and the judge ruled in her favor, giving her a $650 judgment.

But Benson said he wasn't going to pay.

In an e-mail, Benson provided us with the specifics of the January 2006 cleaning. He said the rug was heavily soiled and that the yellow stains were already there. He said they were covered by blood and soil prior to cleaning, and that Claudette lied in court.

We tried to meet with Karl Benson at his home later that same day, he didn't answer, and when Benson saw us in his neighborhood, he sped off.

Later that night he wrote us an e-mail saying his memory isn't that great since his coma two years ago and that his recall of things is slow.

Well, that may be the case, but Karl still called Claudette a liar and she isn't happy about that.

Benson says he dissolved the business in 2007. Now TLC Chemdry is owned by Home Depot.

So we called the Home Depot. They stepped up and will pay the $650 to Claudette.

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