PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. -- U.S. Marshals arrested a Florida man accused of stabbing Linda Robinsonto death in Spanaway in 1993.

Shawonika Elliott was only seven at the time, but she still remembers what happened to her aunt that February night.

You don't wake up to something like that and forget it, said Elliott.

Robinson was attackedwhile she babysat hernephew and niece. Her niece Elliott woke up that night and found her aunt's body surrounded by blood.

Detectives were not able to identify a suspect until 2013.

That's when Elliott and her grandfather, Leslie Robinson, Sr., went to detectives and encouraged them to reopen the case.

A cold case detective sent blood samples to the state's crime lab and got a DNA match with James Mitchell, a man with an extensive criminal history.

A Pierce County spokesperson said Mitchell was arrested at a car wash in Florida.

Elliott is very thankful Pierce County detectives followed up on the case and made an arrest.

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