SEATTLE -- A kitchen device that infuses cannabis into your food and a Yelp! for Marijuana. Those are two ideas that have start-up companies growing fast with connections to the state's new Marijuana industry.

Many of the entrepreneurs are attending a series of Cannabis Tech Meet ups in Seattle. The second event took place Monday night at Magical Butter Studios in Seattle's SoDo district and more than a hundred people showed up and took part.

'Pot head', 'weedy', 'stoner. These are negative connotations, said Red Russak, organizer of the meet up. These are entrepreneurs, and they command respect.

People of every background participated in the conversation Monday night, even those who know little about weed.

You have the guy who has never smoked before that s like Wait a minute, I ve never smoked before, but this could be something big, Russak said.

It s one of the first times that the technology and marijuana communities have converged in an effort to figure out how they could work together in their growing industries.

On Monday attendees spent time networking and sharing ideas. Russak found it to be an opportunity to erase the negative stigma about Cannabis.

We want these people to know it s safe to start a business in this industry, he said.

Co-organizer of the event Cy Scott started Leafly. It s a Cannabis resource site that operates similar to Yelp!, which helps people find businesses. Scott says interest from college graduates and young professionals is growing. The company is seeing steady growth in its user base, with Marijuana laws loosening up across the country.

We want more legitimate people to come into this space and help with the appearance of Cannabis, he says. That will just help everybody.

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