SEATTLE - Beyonce and Jay Z did something that's been hard to do at Safeco Field this year: prompt a sellout.

The Mariners said 41,200 attended the concert at the stadium on Wednesday night. It was only the second concert in the stadium's 15-year history.

The grass fared well too, said Tony Pereira, Safeco Field Operations Manager, who was busy on Thursday trying to break down the massive stage erected in center field.

The stadium hosted a Paul McCartney concert last year, and Pereira says he and his crew learned a lot from that event. That includes how ushers managed the infield section and concertgoers on the field.

He also hinted that the Mariners, and the stadium, could host multiple concerts in the near future.

I wouldn't mind hosting a couple a summer, he said Thursday. We've already been having talks with promoters about 2015 and have been asked about dates.

Pereira says he was even asked Thursday by one promoter about potentially using it for a concert next summer.

It's better than a dark day, he laughed.

Safeco Field has now hosted baseball, soccer, college football, Wrestlemania and the two concerts.

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