SEATTLE Seattle City Council Member Bruce Harrell is looking at an optional municipal I.D. card system.

We ve had many problems with people when they are afraid to complain to police because they don t have the right I.D. Harrell said on Tuesday.

This comes as Seattle was introduced to Seattle s new director of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, Cuc Vu.

Vu said she isn t sure about the need for a city I.D. card and is concerned it might stigmatize some people.

The concern is these I.D.s will be available to one segment of the community and there would be an assumption about what these members are.

Harrell disagrees, saying he hears from many who are disenfranchised.

It helps with bank accounts and paying utility bills, said Harrell.

Harrell will begin the city I.D. discussion at Wednesday s council meeting.

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