SEATTLE -- Summer plans around Washington often include hiking or camping in national parks and forests. But there's one thing you can't pack on your trip -- recreational pot.

A man called KING 5 to say he had pot confiscated and was ticketed while camping with friends. It happened when a ranger came by to check on their campfire. The ranger noticed the group had a small amount of marijuana.

The camper said he purchased it legally, but because he was on federal land the viewer said the pot was confiscated and that he got a $125 ticket.

Larry Chambers, a US Forest Service spokesperson says the agency is legally required to enforce federal laws on public lands they manage, even though Washington voters legalized recreational marijuana in November 2012.

This map of Washington shows what s federal or tribal land. The highlighted green areas represent National Parks and National Forests, where the Forest Service stresses pot is illegal. You can't possess it or smoke it or else face a fine.

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