PORTLAND -- A 19-year-old former competitive cheerleader from the Portland suburb of Lake Oswego has been indicted on a federal charge of sex trafficking a 17-year-old girl who attended her old high school.

Julia Haner and a 30-year-old man named Konrod Mason were arrested last weekend at a motel on federal grand jury counts of sex trafficking a minor.

Court documents say Haner is accused of recruiting for prostitution a girl she used to ride the school bus with to Lake Oswego High School.

Portland police said they contacted the 17-year-old after seeing her featured in an Internet prostitution ad. They said Haner and Mason had already taken the girl to a Vancouver motel to solicit sex for money.

Officers set up a sting and took the girl into custody, then she was returned to her family. But investigators said that didn't stop her accused pimp, a man with at least 12 different mug shots for past convicts of strangulation, DUII and robbery. They said Mason used Haner to recruit yet another young woman from her cheerleading days.

That woman was 20 and later told police that he asked her over and over again, What are you going to give up? and she was required to respond: Everything.

If convicted, Haner and Mason face mandatory minimum 10 year sentences on two counts.

Lake Oswego High School administrators sent an email to parents Monday about the investigation and arrests. They also said that the 17-year-old victim no longer attends classes at the school.

Haner cheered competitively in the Portland area for a non-school team, and cheered briefly at Lake Oswego High, school officials said. The paper also reported that school records show Haner took one class a day during the 2012-2013 school year.

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