PORTLAND-- Two bald eagles were stuck together in a tree in Portland for several hours before violently separating themselves and flying away Monday afternoon.

The eagles appeared to have tangled their talons in one another and struggled to free themselves from a tree on Southeast 55th Avenue between Sherman and Division streets Monday morning.

Photos: Bald eagles stuck together in SEPortland tree

The event attracted neighbors from the surrounding area, one of whom contacted KGW.

Officials from the Audubon Society and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife eventually arrived to assist the birds.

The two appeared to be males involved in a territorial clash, according to Susan Barnes, regional conservation biologist with ODFW.

Just as a bucket truck approached, the eagles ripped themselves apart and flew away as neighbors applauded and cheered below.

I have never seen a bald eagle in this neighborhood or even close up, said resident Carrie Healy.

At least one of the birds appeared to be injured. But the eagles are resilient and injured bird would probably recover in the wild, said Barnes.

Anyone who sees an injured bald eagle is asked not to approach the bird, but instead to call ODFW at (503) 947-6000.


Photos courtesy of Brian Lincoln.

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