VANCOUVER A woman charged with witness tampering in connection with a deadly Vancouver hit-and-run posted bail Monday morning, but she cannot leave jail because returning home would violate a no-contact order.

That's because her live-in boyfriend is the suspected driver in the hit-and-run.

In court Monday, prosecutors named Brandon Smith, 27, as the suspected driver of the truck that hit and killed two women who were crossing the street in Vancouver on Jan. 19.

Smith, of Vancouver, has not been arrested in the case but prosecutors said he left the scene of the accident.

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Smith's live-in girlfriend, 21-year-old Kalista Andino, was charged Monday with one count of witness tampering. Prosecutors said she was a passenger in the truck but did not report the deadly crash.

Andino was held on $30,000 bail and ordered not to have any contact with Smith or his family. Tuesday morning she posted bail, but returning to the apartment she shares with Smith would violate her no-contact order.

For her to live there, Smith would have to go to court and prove that he will move out of the apartment, prosecutors said.

A hearing was scheduled for Wednesday morning to reevaluate Andino's release conditions.

Brandon Smith's mother, 63-year-old Linda Smith, was also charged with witness tampering. She allegedly called witnesses and urged them not to speak with investigators. She was held on $50,000 bail and ordered not to have any contact with her son.

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KGWreporter Ashley Korslien contributed to this report.

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