If the Seattle Seahawks go to the Super Bowl in New Jersey this Feburary, fans attending the game won t be allowed to tailgate.

The Super Bowl committee s CEO announced Monday that fans will be allowed to eat or drink in or around their car in the parking lot, but they aren t allowed to bring anything that takes up more than one parking space, ESPN New York reports.

The committee is also clamping down on how fans get to the stadium, mainly due to increased security.

You can only arrive in a vehicle that has a parking pass, take a Fan Express charter bus that will cost $51 or take N.J. Transit to the stadium. N.J. Transit reportedly will offer a $50 pass that s good for all buses, trains and light rail.

That also means you can t be dropped off by a taxi, limo or a town car unless the vehicle has a parking pass and plans to stay at the stadium for the entire game.

And you can forget walking to the stadium. The committee says you have to arrive using one of the three methods.

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