BOISE The Boise Police Bomb Squad and Boise Fire Hazardous Material team has been called to home near W. Overland Road and S. Vista Avenue this afternoon after officers found what appears to be a supply of highly explosive material in the home s crawl space.

Boise Police tell us it all started Monday with a family dispute. One man is now in custody charged with two counts of felony kidnapping stemming from Monday s incident. Police say the suspect was taken into custody this morning. He lived in the home with a woman and two children. We are told they are cooperating with police.

During the kidnapping investigation, officers found evidence the man may be in possession of explosive materials.

During a search of a home in the 2200 block of W. Dorian Street, Boise Police bomb technicians found what they believe may be highly explosive materials.

Police are working with hazardous materials experts from the Boise Fire Department to determine the safety of entering the crawl space.

Boise Police & Fire spokesman Lynn Hightower says they are not sure of what they got yet, so they are using an abudance of caution.

These are older homes, they are fairly close together, a lot of families, a lot of seniors in this neighborhod, said Hightower. This is not something they're are going to mess with, so they are going to be very careful, see what they've got and proceed as they feel they need to for everyone's safety.

At this time, several roads in the area of the suspect s home are blocked off. Dorian Street between Jessie and Columbus and Jessie Street between Nez Perce and Dorian are blocked.

However, residents are being allowed to go to their homes.

It s unknown how long it will take officers to secure the home and make the area safe.

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