KING5 has obtained surveillance footage from a West Seattle gas station that appears to show convicted sex offender Michael Stanley with his alleged victim the morning Stanley was arrested.

Cathy Wentzel, manager of the Chevron station at the corner of California Avenue Southwest and Southwest Admiral Way, says Stanley and the 16-year-old boy walked into her gas station around 2 a.m. Tuesday.

Surveillance video shows a man, who appears to be Stanley, wearing a blue jacket with a baseball cap and a hood pulled up over his head. He is accompanied by the teenager.

The two were in the store together for several minutes, warming food in the microwave and eating it in the store, before they left together.

Several hours later, police arrested Stanley for harassment. Before 6 a.m., neighbors living along an alley behind the gas station called 911 after hearing a man screaming and moaning in that alley. When police arrived, Stanley was found shirtless, carrying a small knife, a screwdriver, pliers, and a flashlight. He was apparently intoxicated and belligerent with officers at the scene.

Seattle police say after Stanley's arrest, the 16-year-old boy came forward saying Stanley had sexually assaulted him. That incident is still under investigation.

Stanley appeared in Seattle municipal court Wednesday morning for the harassment charge. A judge set bail at $100,000 after indicating Stanley was a flight risk and a suspect in the sexual assault case.

Stanley is a U.S. citizen with an extensive history of sexual assaults and other crimes in Canada. He entered the United States at the Blaine border crossing Oct. 7 after cutting a monitoring bracelet and fleeing Edmonton, Alberta, where he had been under supervision following his release after 32 months in prison for kidnapping two boys from a school playground.

Edmonton police issued a warrant for his arrest and Canadian law-enforcement officials said U.S. Customs and Border Protection had been told that Stanley might be attempting to enter the United States.

U.S. Customs officials have said they could not arrest Stanley on the Canadian warrant, which could not be served in the United States.

Canada has said it would not seek Stanley s extradition over charges of cutting off his GPS monitor and fleeing the country.

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