CORVALLIS, Ore -- The mid-Willamette Valley has been papered by a rash of counterfeit bills.

According to the Gazette-Times, a handful of people who sold items on Craigslist have been taken for a ride by buyers with fake money.

Purchases were arranged on Craigslist, then the counterfeiters met the seller in public places like shopping malls or McDonald s parking lots.

The counterfeiters apparently had a taste for tablet computers.

Accoding to police, a man in Lebanon was handed $240 in bogus twenties for his Galaxy tablet on Saturday. On the same day in nearby Albany, another man was given less than $200 in counterfeit cash for his tablet. On the previous Thursday, an Albany woman sold her Kindle for what turned out to be $150 in fake bills, police said.

The Gazette-Times reported that police suspected multiple criminals may be behind it all. But at least one counterfeiter was described as a white college-age man with lip rings, going by the name of Jason and using a blocked phone number.

It s not all good news for counterfeiters. The Medford Mail Tribune reported Tuesday that two suspected counterfeiters were arrested when they left a pile of copycat cash in their hotel room after check out.

A motel employee called police after finding some $3,000 in a room. The men returned for their funny money to find police waiting to talk to them about their curious craftsmanship.

Would really encourage people, when they take in some currency, look it over, said Lt Cord Wood of Corvallis Police Department. Give it a once over to see if its real.

The Secret Serve in Oregon found about $32,000 in counterfeit bills in August and $45,000 in counterfeit bills in September.

Click for more from the Secret Service on how to spot counterfiet U.S. currency

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