LAGRANDE, Ore. -- A father who embarked on a national trek to honor his gay son, who took his life after being bullied, was struck by a semi in Colorado and died.

Joe Bell, 48, was killed on a highway about 20 miles northwest of Kit Carson, Colo., according to news reports and Bell's Facebook page about the quest.

Bell was pronounced dead at the scene of the 5 p.m. collision. He was walking eastbound on the shoulder, according to KKTV.

The semi-driver from Texas may have fallen asleep at the wheel, according to Colorado state troopers. he was cited for careless driving resulting in death.

The Joe's Walk For Change Facebook page was flooded with eulogies to the father and son. The news was delivered on the page with the following message.

Post by Joe's Walk For Change.Jadin Bell was a sophomre at LaGrande High School. He was found hanging from playground equipment at a grade school in late January and died two weeks later in a Portland hospital.More: Bullied Oregon teen who hanged himself diesJoe Bell left on his crusade in August. He told KGW that he knew his son was gay and it was causing problems. Things got bad in January, he said. You could just see the pain in him, the father said.More: Ore. dad who lost gay son to bullying leaves on crusade
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