SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash.-- Deputies tracked down 52 of 58 stolen laptops on Wednesday afternoon with the help of the suspects mother.

On Wednesday, Spokane County Sheriff s deputies said dozens of laptops were stolen from two different classrooms at Evergreen Elementary on Monday night.

School officials discovered the theft Tuesday morning. Investigators said 58 Apple Macbook Air laptop computers were taken from the Evergreen in the Mead School District. The estimated total loss for the school district was over $69,000.

A school janitor reportedly received a couple of alarm calls late Monday evening and early Tuesday morning but did not find any evidence of a burglary when he had checked things out.

Deputies said they received a call from a mother Monday night too. She reported that her three sons were missing. Authorities pieced the two calls together and later interviewed the family.

Deputies said the three boys (ages- 8, 14, and 15) denied taking the laptops. Authorities received a call following the interview from the mother. She stated that her kids later confessed to the theft. The eight-year-old child is a student at Evergreen Elementary. Deputies said the boys broke into the school and stole the laptops with the help of a relative.

According to the Sheriff s Office, there were no obvious signs of forced entry into the school or classrooms.

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