The government shutdown sent many workers home on furloughs, but there are those essential employees still on the job. They're working, but also wondering when they'll get paid.

I knew regardless that I would still report to work, but on Monday we found out that our pay would be held, federal employee Brandon Stone said.

Stone was counting on a paycheck next week, but is now preparing to dip into his savings. The shutdown forced him to cancel a family trip. He also just recently purchased a new home. He lives there with his two-year-old son Rocky.

It is scary because we have bills we have to cover and since he's the only one working, I'm not putting anything in there right now, Rocky's mother Carly Black said.

Even though Stone says he will eventually get paid, the shutdown has put his family in a tough spot financially.

I've got some in savings, but other than that just trying to take it easy on any and all expenses, Stone said.

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