SPOKANE, Wash. -- The FBI is investigating a Spokane man accused of stalking a neighbor. Agents searched the man s home and found some distrubing items.

Brent Russ is accused of stalking his neighbor between June and September. Russ was arrested last Friday after authorities searched his home in West Spokane.

Russ neighbor said after she moved in she noticed Russ watching her.She received a letter, she believes was from Russ, back in August. The letter implied that she and Russ were put on earth to free humanity from Lucifer.

The search of Russ home uncovered a lot of strange items to authorities. Agents found metal covering windows and attached to the floor. There was also a room with foil attached to the walls, a closet full of food and tactical gear.

Agents said they found a journal that referred to this room as a kill room, like the one from the television show Dexter. Agents also found safes in the home with firearms including, handguns, a shotgun and two semi-automatic rifles.

The journal also made references to a calling to do God s work. The journal also makes references to the victim.

In one entry he said, She is still gorgeous and awesome. No opportunity to jog her memory, maybe next time.

The victim has since moved. Russ Uncle told KREM 2 News that this is not the man his family knows and loves.

Russ made his first appearance in federal court on the stalking charges Thursday.

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