The latest development in the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Kyron Horman involves Dede Spicher, a close friend of Kyron s stepmom Terri Horman.

In an online article, Dede Spicher claims she has passed a polygraph, signed an immunity deal with prosecutors, and agreed to tell all before the grand jury investigating the case.

Those new details were first reported in theonline blog

This is the first time Dede Spicher, a close friend of Terri Horman, has spoken publicly about the case.

Spicher spoke exclusively to the website s editor-in-chief but KGW independently confirmed the interview took place.

In the article, Spicher says she's been unfairly portrayed and that she has been cooperative with investigators. She says her only request was that her attorney be present during police interviews, and that her account has never wavered.

Spicher claims she had nothing to do with Kyron's disappearance and she was at work the day he disappeared from skyline school on June 4, 2010.

Spicher says she was first called before a Multnomah County grand jury in July of 2010, but prosecutors never asked her any questions.

Two months ago, she appeared again, this time testifying for five and a half hours. Afterward, she agreed to take a lie detector test.

She passed a polygraph, you know, confirming everything that she has been saying which frankly everything she has been saying for the past three and a half years was true, said S. Christina Stoy, Editor in Chief of in an interview with KGW.

The online article says that, as recently as last week, investigators talked to Dede Spicher about conducting a sting on Terri Horman. Spicher declined.

Spicher says she hasn't spoke with Kyron's stepmother in three years, and she doesn't believe Terri is responsible.

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