PORTLAND -- Portland ranks among the worst cities in America for frequency of car collisions, according to statistics compiled by the Allstate insurance company.

Of 200 cities in their study, Portland stood at 154th. Drivers here wreck about once every eight years, about a third more likely than the national average. The latest of nine annual studies was released Tuesday.

The best city on the Allstate list was Fort Collins, Colo., where driver wreck once about once every 14 years, about a third less than the national average. Eugene was ranked 10th, with a crash once every 12 years, about 16 percent below the national average.

Allstate actuaries carefully sifted data, tossing out unusual weather or temporary road conditions. A crash was defined as a collision requiring a property damage claim.

The worst city in the U.S. was Washington D.C., where drivers have a collision just under once every five years and are 110 percent above the national average.

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