SPOKANE, Wash. -- Spokane Police said they have a suspect in custody after responding to a hostage situation in East Spokane. The suspect was heavily armed, according to investigators. There have been no reports of any injuries in the standoff.

Officers responded to reports of shots fired near East Sprague Avenue and South Fiske Street. The suspect is reportedly armed and may have at least one person held hostage at the Double Eagle Pawn Shop on the 3000 block of East Sprague.

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Dennis Johnson, the brother of the suspect John Johnson tells KREM 2 News the suspect called him around 10:30 a.m. Friday. Dennis said his brother was holding someone hostage at the Double Eagle Pawn Shop, and that he was armed. John Johnson also said he wanted Dennis to call the media to let them know.

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John Johnson is from Western Washington, according to the brother. Dennis also claims John is a drug addict.

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Sources tell KREM 2 the suspect jumped over the counter after entering the pawn shop, grabbed a weapon and started shooting around 10 a.m. Witnesses said there were 20-30 people inside the store at the time. Witnesses also said the suspect was rambling about President Obama, among other things.

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Spokane police Sgt. Lydia Taylor said that workers in the building have been released but it is not clear if the gunman is holding a customer in the building. The suspect is claiming, however, that he does have a hostage. Taylor says nobody was hit when the man fired his weapon.

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Police have shut down several blocks around E Sprague. The SWAT Team was also called to the scene. Hostage negotiators have made contact with the suspect.

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Police are warning citizens that if they can see the Double Eagle Pawn Shop, they are too close. There is a danger that the armed suspect can see people outside as he may have access to the roof of the building. They are asking people in the area to stay inside.

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The Sheriff's Office and SPD are also informing the public they will only be responding to in progress, priority one calls due to this hostage incident.

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A KREM 2 News Crew is at the scene. Check with, follow KREM 2 on Twitter, and watch KREM 2 News for the latest updates on this ongoing situation.

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