SEA-TAC, Wash. -- A major computer problem brought nearly 400 airlines at 100 different airports to a standstill on Monday evening, including Sea-Tac. It happened when the Sabre reservation system used by numerous airlines experienced a system-wide outage.

Passengers arriving at Sea-Tac Airport told KING 5 they had to wait in line for well over an hour as Sabre worked to restore its system.

One passenger said the computer crashed just as he was attempting to check in. At first, he says the agents at the Alaska Airlines counter thought it was a problem with a single computer. After investigating for a few minutes, they realized it was impacting computers throughout the airport.

Impacted airlines at Sea-Tac included Alaska, American, Jet Blue, and Virgin Airlines.

All four airlines tweeted information out to their customers, apologizing for the delays and asking for patience.

A spokesperson for Alaska Airlines says 25 flights across the country were delayed as a result.

By about 11:20 p.m., Sabre reported its systems were starting to come back online.

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