DALLAS - The man who hopes to sell the Kings believes Chris Hansen has a shot at getting it done today.

George Maloof said in a wide ranging, on the record conversation Tuesday night that he's still working hard to help Hansen convince the NBA to take his offer, and suggested he wasn't working closely with a competing Sacramento based group.

They've got a great shot, he said in the lobby of a Dallas hotel.

The NBA's Board of Governors, the league's governing body of owners or designated representives, are expected by many to vote on Hansen's purchase agreement and relocation offer on Wednesday.

If they are turned down?

Maloof said Tuesday he's ready to take the team back to Sacramento.

(We'd work) in good faith to get an arena done, said Maloof.

A source says Hansen, and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, were working on their presentation to league owners at an undisclosed location in Dallas Tuesday.

They will have a chance on Wednesday to try and pitch all thirty owners on their plan, and reverse a recommendation made by the NBA's relocation committee to deny a relocation of the Kings franchise.

Seahawks and Sounders CEO Peter McLoughlin is here representing Blazers owner Paul Allen. He declined Tuesday to say how he might vote.

No idea how its gonna play out, said McLoughlin. The league has done its homework.

It is unclear how two legal items could factor into the decision making process. A California based group said it plans on getting signatures to begin an initative process to reject a proposed Arena. Sacramento's City Council has approved a term sheet to build at $447 million complex.

Also, on Tuesday, two attorneys filed a suit in Sacramento County alleging Sacramento Mayor Johnson, City Manager John Shirey, and Assistant City Manager John Shirey committed fraud and misused public funds in their effort to secure financing for a new arena to keep the Kings in Sacramento. They said, in documents filed, they want a judge to stop all work on the arena.

Johnson, in Dallas Tuesday night, called the suit ridiculous, outlandish.

He declined to say if a Sacramento group, led by Vivek Ranadive, had secured all the money needed to make a full bid on the Kings franchise.

They are 100 percent prepared to do what they can to keep the team, that's what we mean by playing to win.

KING 5's Chris Daniels is in Dallas reporting the lastest developments on the NBA owners vote on the Sacramento Kings. Watch KING 5 News for his reports or get up-to-the-minute updates on Twitter at @ChrisDaniels5.

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