Recent data showed that Washingtonians curse the least of any state in the nation.

The Marchex Institute analyzed phone calls by consumers to businesses in more than 30 industries over the past 12 months. The businesses included cable and satellite companies, auto dealerships, pest control centers, and more.

The Institute scanned for curse words and the linked the frequency of those curse words with each state. Washington was the least foul-mouthed, followed by Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas and Virginia. The five states that swore the most were Ohio (first), Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Illinois.

The data showed Washington residents curse about every 300 conversations, while Ohioans swore every 150.

Other interesting findings include that 66 percent of the curses are by men, calls over 10 minutes contain the most cursing, and more cursing took plan in morning calls than those in the afternoon or evening.

Washington did not fall in the top five for Most Courteous, which was ranked based on the use of please and thank you.

Marchex is a mobile and online advertising company. Its Marchex Institute is a team of analysts and scientists the publish research based on more than one billion minutes of anonymous call data.

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