MERIDIAN -- State Senator Russ Fulcher from Meridian received a surprise phone call at the Statehouse Monday morning.

The Republican lawmaker says his daughter, who was home on spring break from college, called to report a gunshot victim had knocked on the door of the family's home near the 4000 block of South Linder Road.

This was a bit of a shock today, Fulcher told KTVB. I was on the Senate floor today, and I got a phone call from my daughter... she said 'Dad, somebody's at the door and he's been shot.'

Fulcher says several of his adult children, who were home at the time, helped the man get medical attention by calling police and an ambulance.

Ada County Sheriff's Deputies confirm a man was found shot in the leg near that location Monday morning. They say the victim was in a car with two other people when the incident happened.

Sheriff's office spokespersonAndrea Dearden says law enforcement officials believe the shooting happened nearby, and the man was dropped off near the 4000 block of South Linder Road.

Deputies say there doesn't seem to be any connection between the shooting victim and homes nearby, including Fulcher's.

Fulcher says deputies told him the shooting was drug-related.

From what we understand, the location was totally random, but there was some kind of drug deal apparently gone bad, Fulcher said.

Sergeant Steve Bartlett said multiple shots were fired during the incident, and officers were looking into the possibility the shooting involved a drug deal.

Bartlett says officers don't know if the man jumped out of the vehicle or was dumped after the shooting.

The shooting victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment and is said to be in stable condition.

I guess this goes to show that this even happens in rural Meridian, Idaho, Fulcher said.

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