If you have a teenager, odds are you ve wanted to pull a few hairs out of your head from time to time. It s a rewarding but challenging time in your relationship, sometimes met with defiance, their need for independence, irresponsible behaviors and, God help us, hormones. You may want to throw up your hands and walk away, or dig into your teenager with another lecture, but Dr. Laura Kastner, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Washington, says there s a more effective way to handle it. She takes us through the strategies in her new book, Wise Minded Parenting, Seven Essentials for Raising Successful Tweens and Teens. Hear what she says about self control, yours and your teen s by clicking on the video above.

You can catch Dr. Kastner at the Kirkland Performance Center in Kirkland, Washington on Tuesday, February 12th 7-9pm as part of the Parent Map Lecture Series.

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