Spokane -- Bikini and lingerie coffee shops keep popping up in Spokane. One business in the midst of it is trying to compete.

Deb's Espresso and XXXtreme Espresso are just a block away from each other on Northwest Boulevard. XXXtreme Espresso opened a few months ago. Its employees wear lingerie and pasties. Some said it s inappropriate for the neighborhood.

So Deb s waged a friendly battle on their billboard to set their business apart. It reads, 'Come try our pastries, we don t wear pasties.'

Owner Deborah Weisgerber said it is a fun way to compete with XXXtreme.

It's all fun and we want to make the best out of the situation and let people know we're not a bikini stand. It's not something we're going to do here.

The baristas working at XXXtreme are firing back. Their newest sign reads, 'Eat their pastries, or see our pasties.'

Niqui Kukel works at XXXtreme. She says her coworkers and the coffee are popular with customers, and the money is great.

I like that you just get to be yourself. It's a fun, free environment. The customers who come here want to come here, said Kukel.

Kukel said she understands concerns, but she doesn't feel bad about how they run their shop.

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