SPOKANE-- Spokane Police determined that two recent incidents involving naked men are not related.

On Jan. 6 officers responded to a home in the 3000 block of S. Manito Blvd on a report of a naked man ringing door bells in the area.

Initial reports were that the man s pants were pulled down below his waist as he rang a door bell. Tracks in the snow suggested he may have approached several houses in the area before he left in a car.

Detectives later determined the naked door ringer suspect is a teen male who performed a prank at his friend s house.

In another incident a few days later, police arrested Trevor Franklen for a residential burglary near 2100 W. Riverside. Franklin, a registered sex offender, was caught inside a tenant s apartment with his clothes off.

Franklen was released from jail Tuesday, but detectives re-arrested him Wednesday for the Jan. 8 burglary.

Spokane Police finished their investigation of both incidents and determined they are not related.

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