Two horrific shootings during this holiday season have left heavy hearts across the nation. First a gunman killed two people at Oregon's Clackamas Town Center Mall, and injured a teenage girl. Three days later, the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut sent shockwaves through our psyche. It's nearly impossible to hide your children from this news so how do you talk to them about the violence?
Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, a pediatrician at Seattle s Children s Hospital, suggests you find out what your child knows before getting into details. And she says less is more when explaining it to young children, Particularly kids under age 8, I wouldn't talk about the number of deaths. I wouldn't talk about the age of children. I wouldn't use graphic detailed information. Kids don't benefit from that and don't need to know that.
Click on the video above for more ways to have this conversation with your children.

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