If you have been sent a civil penalty notice on an outstanding toll for crossing the State Route 520 floating bridge, you need to pay up before you can renew your vehicle tabs and registration.

Starting this month, the state is enforcing registration holds for vehicle owners who continue to ignore paying their 520 bridge tolls. The Washington State Department of Transportation said the vast majority are paying up on time, but it has informed the Department of Licensing that about 10,000 vehicles have registration holds placed on them.

We re very pleased with 96 percent that are paying up front. We have about four percent we have to pursue, but even out of that, a smaller percentage of those are the individuals who have basically ignored all the toll bills, said Craig Stone, assistant secretary for WSDOT s toll division.

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Owners have up to 80 days to pay their tolls for crossing either the 520 or Tacoma Narrows bridges before receiving a notice of civil penalty, which includes additional fees. Once that happens, a hold can be placed, preventing the owner from renewing their tabs.

Stone said the average cost to remove the hold for crossing the 520 bridge is $164. He added that 156 agencies across the state are authorized to place holds for various reasons, including outstanding parking tickets.

You can dispute the civil penalty in writing or by attending a hearing.

DOL will let you know if you have a registration hold when you get your renewal notice in the mail or when you try to renew your tabs. You can also call Good to Go! at 1-866-936-8246 or visit a customer service center to see if you have a registration hold.

Owners need to pay all the tolls and any additional fees before the hold will be released. Those can be paid online, by phone, by mail or in person at one of the customer service centers.

If you pay your tolls at a customer service center, you can take the receipt to the DOL to have the hold removed the same day. If you pay online or by phone, hold will be lifted the next day. If you pay by mail, the hold will be lifted the day after your payment is received.

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