Some Boeing employees may skip out on work Wednesday to make a point in the stalled negotiations between the company and its engineering and technical union.

SPEEA said it s heard the rumors that some workers plan to take part in a one day wildcat strike Wednesday morning. It basically means they won t show up for work.

SPEEA leaders were warning their members the strike is not sanctioned and that they could lose their jobs. SPEEA director Ray Goforth said the possible wildcat strike shows how frustrated workers are with Boeing.

The possible strike is over a new contract for 23,000 Boeing engineers and technical workers. The key issues are wage pools and increased medical premiums. Boeing and SPEEA also disagree on retirement and pension plans.

The two sides have been negotiating since April. The contract expired in October.

Picket training is under way in Everett just in case the union does officially decide to go on strike.

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