PORTLAND,Ore --- The new baby elephant born last week at the Oregon Zoo will belong to an elephant traveling show under the contract signed to bring Tusko to Portland for breeding.

Ownership of the girl calf goes to Have Trunk Will Travel 30 days after her birth, according to Hova Najarian, spokesman for the Oregon Zoo. There is a standard breeding agreement that means the calf will belong to them, explains Najarian, but it does not mean the calf will go to them.

Najarian says zoo officials are optimistic the calf will spend her life at the Oregon Zoo. Have Trunk Will Travel has indicated, in early discussions, they are agreeable to the zoo retaining possession of the calf.

The contract called for ownership of Tusko's second calf to go to the elephant traveling show. Samudra was the first Tusko offspring. The new calf is the second.

In a zoo statement received by KGW from the Oregon Zoo, the zoo states:

The contract is valid. As per the agreement, official designation of ownership takes effect after the calf has lived 30 days. Once that happens, the Oregon Zoo will be in discussion with Have Trunk Will Travel regarding ownership, and it is the zoo's intent to retain Rose-Tu's calf.

The female calf was born last week and is doing well.

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