More than 40 percent of people taking part in a poll say they won t vote for someone besides Pres. Barack Obama or Mitt Romney because they feel like it would be a waste of their vote.

The non-scientific poll was conducted Oct. 26-28, with more than 3,200 people responding on KING 5's home page.

Forty-five percent said they would not vote for a third party candidate because they prefer either Obama or Romney, but 43 percent said they felt voting for a candidate besides those two would be a waste of my vote.

Of the five other candidates listed on the Washington ballot, 7 percent said they would vote for Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party. Johnson is not expected to win any electoral votes, but he could draw enough votes away that it could tip the outcome in some critical states for either Obama or Romney.

Washington probably won t be one of those states where Johnson, or any other third party candidate, will make a difference. Washington and its 12 electoral votes are believed to be solidly in Obama s column, which is why neither Obama nor Romney have held any major campaign rallies here.

There was a lot of push on social media in recent months to get Johnson into the presidential debates along with Obama and Romney. But, he did not meet the requirement of polling at least 15 percent in selected national polls, as required by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

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